Treatment Court

Presiding Judge Robinson
Presiding Judge Robinson

Location: Suite 4100

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About General Sessions Treatment Court

Drawing on a concept that brought national acclaim at the local criminal court level, the General Sessions Court instituted a special docket for drug offenders in October, 2003. Former Judge Casey Moreland, who gave birth to the idea, presides over the “Treatment Court” each Wednesday at 2 p.m. in courtroom 4D of the Justice A.A. Birch Building. It is then that those who have substance abuse issues who have been arrested for nonviolent offenses are given opportunities to participate in a three-phase supervised rehabilitation program. Participants who are seeking assistance for their recovery voluntarily agree to be enrolled into this treatment program.

Since its inception, the number of those opting for the treatment program has grown significantly to over 100 participants. The court offers an intensive and lengthy program, requiring from 12-18 months to successfully complete. Participants are required to attend treatment services at least three times a week, substance abuse monitoring four times a week and transitional housing residency while taking classes in anger management, life skills and job readiness. Classes also are offered to those who desire to earn their GED diplomas. There are two rules that a participant must agree to while in our treatment court-Be Honest and Stay Clean.

In order to continue to fund and provide treatment services for treatment court participants, Judge Moreland formed a non-profit organization in 2009 named Davidson County Drug Court Foundation. Through his non-profit he formed the Court Foundation Center (CFC), where most treatment court participants receive their treatment counseling services. Both men and women groups are facilitated by qualified staff consisting of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADAC), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Certified Peer Support Staff and interns that are supervised by Tennessee Qualified Clinical Supervisors (QCS).   The treatment services include Intensive Outpatient classes (IOP), Low intensive Outpatient classes (LIOP), Gender Specific Groups, Moral Reconation Therapy Group (MRT), Relapse Prevention Groups, Alcohol and Drug Assessments and Yoga classes.

There are numerous members of the Treatment Court team who play key roles in the recovery of each participant. In addition to members of the team included are the Probation Officers, Public Defender, District Attorney, Case Managers, Electronic Monitoring, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department, the Metro Police Department and several treatment providers around the Nashville area. Former Judge Moreland says he is hoping that not only will this court continue to treat drug/alcohol addictions but also will lower the recidivism rate in our community.

For more information regarding General Sessions Court Division X’s nonprofit organization, Davidson County Drug Court Foundation please visit our website at

Treatment Court Staff and Providers:

Lauren Berens, Program Director

Nan Casey
Nan Casey, LADAC, QCS, Director of Court Foundation Center (CFC)

Anita Wilson
Anita Wilson NCAC1, LADAC, QCS, CFAS, CFC Women’s Group Facilitator and Counselor

Barbara Freeman
Barbara Freeman,  Sheriff Dept.  Treatment Counselor

Theresa Fuqua
Theresa Fuqua, Case Manager Director

Lyn Noland
Lyn Noland, LADAC, Recovery Community Executive Director

Joseph Joe Dabbs
Joseph “Joe” Dabbs, Re-Entry Program Coordinator and CFC Assistant Counselor

Julia Armstrong
Julia Armstrong, Phases Transitional House Director

Valerie Webb, Mental Health Cooperative Case Manager

Randi Hess
Randi Hess, Asst. Public Defender
Amy Rich, Avertest Lab Manager


  Affiliated Agencies: Avertest
Safe Harbor
The Next Door
 Samaritan Recovery Community