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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Who do I contact if I have a questions concerning my Metro Traffic or Parking ticket?
A - The Metro Traffic Violations Bureau at (615) 862-5222.

QI have to turn myself in, where do I go? Who can I call?
A – 1st Floor of the Justice A.A. Birch Building. 408 2nd Avenue N.    
A – Call 880-3781 or 880-3782

Q - Who do I contact concerning my landlord tenant case or collection case?
- The General Sessions Civil Clerk’s office at (615) 862-5195.

Q - What do I do if I missed my criminal case court date?
- The General Sessions Criminal Clerk’s Office phone number is (615) 862-5601. A Set Aside for Failure to Appear is required - General Sessions Criminal Clerk’s Office, Justice A.A. Birch Building, 408 2nd Avenue North - ask for a SET ASIDE ORDER - you will need a copy of the warrant (25 cents per copy) and a Set Aside Order form (see the forms page on this site). If PreTrial or a bonding company is involved you must provide us with their signed statement agreeing to remain on the bond when you come in to pick up the Set Aside. Take the Set Aside Order to the judge for signature. Bring the signed order and $17.50 for Set Aside fees to the 2nd Floor Justice A.A. Birch Building to get a new court date. This applies to General Sessions courts only. Click here to download a General Sessions Set Aside Form.

Q - Where can I obtain more information concerning a criminal case in General Sessions Court?
A - If you have other questions concerning a criminal case in General Sessions Court, you may click here.

Q - What is the phone number for the Public Defender’s Office?
- (615) 862-5730

Q - What is the phone number for the District Attorney General’s Office?
- (615) 862-5500

Q - Where can we find a Judge to perform a wedding?
– Call (615) 862-8317 as appointment is necessary. Justice A.A. Birch Building, 408 2nd Ave. North, Nashville, Tennessee MAP IT

Q - Where do I go for a Marriage license?
- County Court Clerk’s Office, Marriage Department, Howard School Building, 700 2nd Avenue, South, Nashville, TN 37210 Phone: (615) 862-6050. MAP IT

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