Julia Armstrong


My name is Julia Armstrong, and I am an addict. After 15 years of being addicted to crack cocaine, I am now clean, sober and living a life that is free from addiction. I was given a second chance at life in “2008” when I entered General Sessions Recovery Court.  Recovery Court is where I was taught the tools of recovery, responsibility and structure that were necessary to live clean and sober.

The Recovery Court team became my family and support that I needed throughout my recovery process. I began to accomplish goals such as regaining custody of my children, obtaining my driver’s license, going back to school and was given employment that allowed me to work in a facility that housed women with addictions. By working with other recovering addicts gave me the support that I needed to stay clean and sober, as a result I’m now the Director of Phases Transitional House.

As the Director, I now supervise a 32 bed facility of women on the journey back from addiction and assist them with services that enhance their employment skills, treatment planning.  In addition, to making referrals for mental health services, case management, relapse prevention, recovery skills and relationship building.  Not to exclude, the simple chores like making a bed, cleaning, cooking and dressing appropriately just to name a few.

I find it very rewarding to see these women grow from a “caterpillar to a butterfly”.  I am now 7 years clean and sober and currently in school to receive my LADAC licensure. I am a member of the General Sessions Recovery Court team and able to assist others who are in the treatment process.  I will continue to live my life one day at a time because I know that each day has purpose and meaning!