Administration Office

According to the Metro Charter, the office of the Court Administrator assists the presiding judge with the improvement in the efficiency and operation of the Metropolitan General Sessions Court. These duties, include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Daily operations,
  • Budget and fiscal management,
  • Personnel management,
  • Office automation management,
  • Manage multiple courtrooms’ digital recording system,
  • Assist in resolving court facility issues,
  • Court interpretative services coordination,
  • Manage supplemental court security personnel
  • Preparation of the Annual Report.

Overview of Principal Services

    • Daily manage the Court’s budget for FY 2019 of $11,935,200 with a total of 155 court personnel review, oversee,  and/or  process various Metro Electronic Business system transactions:
      • Over 1,500 payment transactions totaling  $650,000
      • Over 1,400 revenue transactions totaling  over $1.8 million
      • Over 200 separate payroll, human resources, and employee benefit related transactions for over a $8.7 million payroll
    • The estimated number of  Metro government and court related emails received and acted upon by all services:  Over 52,000
    • The estimated number of  total phone calls handled in 2018-19 by all services: Over 20,000
    • Manage Master Calendar for all Courtrooms for special hearings/events: 198
    • The number of web e-mails received from the public and acted upon: 280
    • The number of General Services work orders submitted by the Court Administration office: 144

Mailing Address:

General Sessions Court
Administration Office
Justice A.A. Birch
408 2nd Ave. N.
Suite 1140
P.O. Box 196300
Nashville, TN 37219

Phone: (615) 862-8317