Domestic Violence Court

Current judges presiding over the Domestic Violence Court for General Sessions Court

Judge Gale B. Robinson
408 2nd Ave. North, Suite 5100
Nashville, Tennessee 37219
Judge Allegra Walker
408 2nd Ave. North, Suite 4140
Nashville, Tennessee 37219
Judge Ana L. Escobar
408 2nd Ave. North, Suite 3110
Nashville, Tennessee 37219
  Phone: (615) 862-5571 Phone: (615) 880-3694  Phone: (615) 880-3712
Administrative Assistant:
Joyce Searcy
Administrative Assistant:
Margaret Nevils
 Administrative Assistant:         Ashley Matamoros
 Court Officers: Bobby Sory, Haley Powers Court Officers: Karen Bright,
Sean Page
 Court Officers: Grace Guerra,
Andrae Starling


Court Schedule and Locations:

  • Courtroom 4C is for Bond Hearings and Initial Appearance
  • Courtroom 4B is for Jail Hearings and Order of Protections