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Q. I have missed my class. What do I do?
A. Traffic school dates are considered your compliance date, once you have enrolled in class. A missed class implies non-compliance and the citation is put into Judgement, which causes extra fees to be added. The school cannot extend your date. RESCHEDULE FOR DOCUMENTED EMERGENCIES ONLY! Call (615)862-8345 for a new class date. A repurchase fee will be charged. Otherwise the only way to get back into class is to file a post-judgement motion through the Circuit Clerk’s Traffic Violation Bureau. The other option is to pay the fees and fines on the citation.

Q. What happens if I lost my copy of the citation or don’t know my citation number?
A. You must go to the Traffic Violations Bureau office and have them look up the correct citation number. This is especially important if you have more than one citation number that is active.

Q. Are classes ever cancelled?
A. Yes. We notify channel’s 4 & 5 when we close the school due to bad weather.

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