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Nashville’s Traffic Safety Education Program continues to outperform other municipalities. In 2018, our agency had the honor of being awarded the Training Center of the Year for our Defensive Driving Course (DDC) Online by the National Safety Council (NSC). Another prestigious award was given to the agency as the 2018 Training Center of the Year Multiple Program recognizing the tremendous efforts poured into numerous courses offered at the General Sessions Court Traffic Safety Education Program. As the staff continues to work closely with the National Safety Council, we’re hopeful that the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 awards will include our agency and further promote the hard-work and dedication of our staff.
The staff at the Traffic Safety Education Program have been diligent in accommodating the needs of those wanting to attend classes during these unchartered times. The staff has maintained great perseverance and professionalism.

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Johnetta Nelson OR to access the Online Traffic School
 Traffic School Program Director  Click Here
Traffic School Office Traffic School Classroom Facility
408 2nd Avenue North, Suite 1170
P.O. Box 196300
Nashville, Tennessee 37219-6300

(615) 862-8345

Genesco Park
1417 Murfreesboro Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37217
 Click here, for map location Click here, for map location is the near the BNA Nashville Airport


Traffic School Education Department Staff:
Director – Johnetta Nelson
Supervisor – Shannon Hodge
Administrative Enrollment Staff – Betty Bailey, Candy Catalan, and Julia Kozeka
Traffic School Instructors – Gloria Bishop, Laura Castillo, Wayne Curry, Ron Elliott, and Clarence Tangney

Traffic School Classes
• First Offender (FOT) – a four hour curriculum covering traffic safety rules and consequences, including laws on seat belts, child restraint, speeding, DUI and most commonly committed traffic offenses.
• Alive at 25 (A25, 4hr.) – designed to reduce risk-taking behavior such as driving distracted among people 15-24 years of age utilizes embedded video and group discussions.
• Defensive Driving-4 (DDC-4 hr.) – certified by the National Safety Council, this course teaches the importance of safety belts and other restraints, dangers of speeding, proper following distance and effects of alcohol and drugs.
• Defensive Driving-8 (DDC-8 hr.) – is a more intensive version of the 4-hour course with emphasis on preventing traffic deaths and injuries.
• Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving (ADD, 8hr.) – an intense 8-hour curriculum in group format that addresses mental health and attitude as they affect the ability to safely operate a vehicle.
• Chronic Offender (COF8, 8hr.) – an intense 8-hour workshop that looks at chronic behavior and addresses the thought process behind specific behaviors that lead to destructive and socially unacceptable patterns that create chronic citation and arrest histories.
• Driver License Reinstatement Class (DLRC, 3hr.) – a tutorial class, utilizing the students own driving history and state reinstatement letter. The purpose of the class is to devise a viable plan of action for each student to follow for driver’s license reinstatement. Ongoing counseling is offered for individuals with complex cases. The State of Tennessee, Department of Safety and Homeland Security approves the standardized curriculums through the National Safety Council (NSC) and certifies our programs and instructors. The NSC curriculums are accepted in all 50 States and used by all branches of the military both in the U.S. and abroad.

  • All 8 hr. Class fees will be $90.00
  • FOT – (First Time Offender) $90.00
  • DDC4 – (Defensive Driving Class 4 Hours) $90.00
  • A25 – (Alive at 25 Class) $90.00
  • DDC8 – (Defensive Driving Class 8 Hours) $90.00
  • ADD8 – (Attitude Dynamics Defensive Class) $90.00
  • COF8 – (Chronic Offender) $90.00

History of General Sessions Court Traffic School

The Judges of the Metropolitan Davidson County General Session Court formally began the Traffic School in 1983. The school began with the State of Tennessee approved two-hour First Offenders Training (FOT) course with approximately 10,000 students per year and has evolved to a nationally recognized National Safety Council traffic school with approximately 40,000 students per year. Course offerings have grown from the original two-hour FOT class to include Alive at 25 (A25), Defensive Driving Courses 4 and 8 (DDC-4 & DDC-8) and the Attitudinal Dynamic of Driving (ADD-8). In August, 2005, the General Sessions Court Traffic School was approved to offer the FOT and DDC-4 classes On-Line through the National Safety Council.

In 1983, the school was offering 40 classes per month and had one part time instructor. Today the Traffic School conducts 100 live classes per month and has 10 part time instructors. In addition, nearly 1,000 people a month enroll in on-line courses, which would take an additional 34 classes a month, if these students attended live classes. The traffic school also offers a Driver’s License Reinstatement (DLR) class for individuals who have been cited for driving on a revoked or suspended driver’s license. The DLR class is a tutorial that reviews the defendants driving history and gives guidance on the steps to attain a valid Tennessee driver’s license.