Night Court – Magistrate Office

Night Court Address Physical Address: 
Metropolitan Government Criminal Justice Center Annex
440 3rd Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37219

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Five judicial magistrates—each possessing the qualifications of a judge—comprise what is known collectively as “Night Court,” a viable and productive extension of the General Sessions Court. The identifying label is derived from the fact that the Magistrates preside over proceedings that take place after normal business hours. But it is misleading in that the panel is actually on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, serving a broad range of functions relevant to the criminal justice process.

In addition to their other job responsibilities, the magistrates:

  • Conduct probable cause hearings, issue warrants and set bail bonds in criminal cases
  • Determine probable cause for judicial committals from county psychiatric facilities
  • Issue Ex Parte Orders of Protection, as well as warrants for violations of such orders
  • Issue property seizure warrants upon probable cause

Each magistrate is appointed by the court for a one-year term that dictates seven-day work weeks and alternating eight-hour work shifts.

The judicial magistrates are: Evan Harris, Steve Holzapfel, Bruce Kessler, Carolyn Piphus, Chris Hofstetter, John Mason, Daniel Masten, Jeffery Daigle, Edward Hastings, Chelsea Nicholson, Umeka Foreman, Timothy Lee, Jerice Glanton, Eugenia Grayer McGhee, Kyle Parks, Nicholas Waite .