Traffic School – Getting Started

Getting Started

  • A convenience fee will be added to all credit and debit card transactions processed via telephone, mail or internet. The convenience fee is assessed by the electronic processing company and no part of the fee goes to Metro. When completing your online enrollment, you will be shown the amount due, including the convenience fee, before you select to charge your credit card.
  •  You may also pay the class fee in person or by phone at the Traffic School Office with cash,
    check, Visa, Master Card credit or debit cards. 615-862-8345 – A.A. Birch Justice Complex, 408
    2nd Av. North, Suite 1170.
  • You may not reschedule traffic class unless you can provide documented proof of an emergency or catastrophic event. All classes must be completed by the compliance date to prevent automated state notification of non-compliance. If you do not attend class after you have registered, the school fee is non-refundable.
  • Questions? Call the Traffic School business office at 615-862-8345, or come by A.A. Birch Justice Complex, 408 2nd Av. North, Suite 1170.
  • By clicking the pay and enroll button, you agree that you do not hold a CLASS A, B, or C commercial driver’s license (CDL); that your license was not classified CDL on the date that the citation was issued. If you proceed with enrollment and you possess a CDL, you will not receive credit for the school and the school fee becomes non-refundable. CDL holders are prohibited from enrolling in a traffic diversion program for the purpose of masking the driving history per T.C.A §55-10-301

Please click here to pay, enroll and schedule class.