Cherished Hearts Guidelines

Cherished HEARTS

Eligibility Guidelines

 Cherished HEARTS is the name of the General Sessions Human Trafficking Survivors Court in Davidson County, Nashville, Tennessee. Cherished HEARTS utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to work with the participants to gain independent living skills and live a life in recovery. Screening includes a review of the potential participant’s current offense, criminal history, and history of substance use involvement using the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS) screen.

Cherished HEARTS program requirements

  • Currently or in the past was a victim of human trafficking.  Trafficking includes but not limited to:
    • Commit crimes or made to work through force, fraud or coercion by a 3rdparty,
    • Controlled by a third party financially or for basic needs
  • Must be willing to
    • reside in a safe house
    • attend drug and alcohol treatment if needed
    • have a mental health evaluation that may result in treatment, trauma informed counseling and medication


Some qualifying indicators for Cherished HEARTS may include:

  • Defendant has a history of prostitution
  • Defendant does not have a safe or steady place to live
  • Defendant may have been a victim in a number of crimes
  • Defendant may have a history of sexual trauma


Some Disqualifying indicators for Cherished HEARTS may include:

  • Candidate must have all charges and holds in other counties or jurisdictions cleared prior to scheduling the initial screen.
  • Candidates with violent criminal history will be reviewed individually for program suitability.
  • Cherished HEARTS does not accept confirmed gang members.
  • Cherished HEARTS does not accept sex offenders.
  • All candidates will be assessed for program fitness prior to acceptance


*All potential participants will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for the Cherished HEARTS Program