Courtroom Buddy

Courtroom Buddy is a program to increase attendance to court. Many people do not attend court for many reasons. Research shows that the more the person is reminded to show up to court it increases the probability of them making their court date. This is important because judges are statutorily required to set a capias, or an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court. Often times, the population engaging in the judicial system have many barriers preventing them from coming to court, including poverty, access to transportation, housing instability, and lack of support systems. Courtroom Buddy is a program staffed by volunteers who are assigned persons on a voluntary basis to make phone calls to persons to remind them to come to court. You do not have to come to court to be a Courtroom Buddy. Judge Hayes’ Court will provide you with the name, phone number, and court date of the individual who needs to be contacted. If you are interested in being a Courtroom Buddy, register here.