JUDGE RACHEL L. BELL Courtroom Procedures & Guidelines- Division VIII (8)

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  • Courtroom Procedures & Guidelines- Division VIII (8)JUDGE RACHEL L. BELL
    • The Division VIII (8) court dockets run pursuant to General Sessions Court, Local Rules of Practice Civil Rule 4.01 and Criminal Rule 3, adopted October 15, 2009.
      • Civil Court Docket- Trial Calendar, Rule 4
        • Local Rule 4.01– 01 Docket Calls
          • At the first call of the civil docket, in the absence of the trial Judge, the Courtroom Deputy is authorized to call the docket to determine which parties are present and ready for trial. All cases requiring entry of a default judgment, a dismissal for nonappearance of a party, or resolution of a disputed matter, including a request for a continuance where the opposing party objects to such request, shall be reserved for action by the trial Judge. At the conclusion of the docket call, Courtroom Deputy shall announce a recess and advise those present in the Courtroom of the opportunity to discuss settlement with the opposing party or Counsel, the Courtroom Deputy shall further advise those present that they are not required to settle their case and they will be given a trial if they are unable to agree on a settlement.  When a case is dismissed without a trial for want of prosecution, said dismissal shall be without prejudice to either party’s right to re-file.


    • Criminal Court Dockets- Trial Calendar, Rule 3
      • Local Rule 3- (Reserved)


    • 1st call of each docket will be at 9:00 a.m. This is time for defendants, witnesses and attorneys to check-in and inform the court clerk and division staff the status of each case set on the docket.
    • After the first call of the docket there will be time for settlement and discussion to determine which cases will be continued, agreements and cases that are ready to proceed with a hearing before the judge.
    • During the 2nd call of the docket all matters ready to be heard will be addressed by Judge Bell.
    • Please be advised there are multiple dockets set throughout the day and it is important to check the civil court and criminal court clerk website to determine what time your case is set.


    Courtroom Rules

    • There will be no usage of cell phones, eating, drinking or chewing gum in the courtroom at any time. Cell phones used in the courtroom will be collected and given back at the end of the day.  If you need to use your cell phone, eat or drink please go out in the hallway to do so.


    Courtroom Attire

    • All parties, including Counsel and witnesses, shall dress appropriately for Court. Please do not enter the Courtroom wearing a halter top, t-strap tops, or see through tops and blouses, shorts, no exposed midriff, no underwear exposed, hats, sagging or low riding pants, torn clothing, shirts with inappropriate language, untucked shirts and blouses, mini-skirts, or any other inappropriate clothing or shoes.

    Public Viewing and Media in the Courtroom– The general public and media are permitted, encouraged and welcome to come into the courtroom at any time just like any other private citizen.   The court respectfully ask that all individuals viewing court to be respectful and not cause any courtroom distractions to  maintain courtroom decorum; to guarantee the safety of any party, witness, or juror; and ensure the fair and impartial administration of justice during court proceedings.

    TN Supreme Court Rule 30- Media Guidelines