The Music City Community Court has 3 specialty courts. Those are the RESTORE Re-Entry Court for Returning Citizens, the C.A.R.E. Diversionary Court for Ages 18-30 and the L.E.G.A.C.Y. Housing Resource Diversionary Court for landlords and tenants dealing with eviction based on non-payment of rent. Below there are several episodes that show the great work of the Music City Community Court and its commitment to restorative justice in the civil and criminal arena.

The Music City Community Court was founded by Judge Rachel L. Bell in 2012 and since its inception has worked on its mission to create initiatives focused on preventative, diversionary, and restorative justice centered around the concept that, “Justice does NOT stop at the courthouse steps!”® The vision is to do all it can to break the playground to prison pipeline; to restore and rehabilitate lives by using its power and resources to move the needle for marginalized people.


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